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Spring clean your home

The conversation in our office this morning was about spring-cleaning our homes. Some of us do, and some of us don’t but I started decluttering yesterday morning and have noticed a distinct decluttering of my mind too.  I want to share my top tips –

  • Decide where to start – in the room that needs the most work first or the which needs the least? 
  • Do one room at a time – thoroughly.  This way, you’ll see an  improvement within a few hours.   
  • Recognise that you may need to spend more than one day in one room if it’s particularly bad.  
  • Get all your tools ready for action – boxes or plastic bags, for charity and the rubbish bin.  Dusters, polish, hoovers, water, soap, etc. Not used or worn something in over a year? Believe me, you probably won’t use it again.  Don’t feel guilty about giving or throwing things away – I’ve thrown perfectly good, brand new shoes away that I’ve never worn – and that IS difficult!
  • Create a summer/winter wardrobe if you prefer to save space – use storage hangers for clothes and shoes or storage boxes/baskets to put under the bed. 
  • Take out everything you’re no longer going to use, then start cleaning.  In Show-Homes, we use the expression ‘SPARKLE CLEAN’ and a full spritz will reinvigorate your room. 
  • Clean the curtains, then start thorough dusting; move all large pieces of furniture and hoover under, behind and at the sides of  these areas, followed by hoovering the rest of the room.  Now is a good time to have your carpet cleaned by either hiring a carpet steam cleaner or a professional team.  Clean windows inside and out
  • Job done? Stand back and admire your tidy work. Feet up, cup of coffee and a well-earned rest.  Decide when to move on to the next room, and before long, you’ll have spring cleaned the whole house.  What a wonderful, spring feeling…

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I write about things I have a passion for - property, business and life


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