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A quarter of a century ago today, on 4 May 1986, my son was born.  The middle one of three children, he’s gone from playschool to the big wide world and learnt many things from travelling the world, and entering the world of work with his parents in our family business. 

As I was reflecting on the wonders (and trials and tribulations!) of having children,  my mind turned to the time when my parents ‘gave’ me a patch of garden in our brand new home in Kilmarnock to do something ‘useful’ with.  My sister and I spent all day clearing weeds, stones and builders’ rubble, levelling the ground, and eventually planted some potatoes.  We watched them grow and were quite astounded (at the ages of 7 and 5) at the wonders of nature.

Today, we have a brand new vegetable patch in our back garden.  We’ve planted potatoes and rocket – and my son and his father have tended this patch despite the dry and alternating cold/hot weather.  The results are astounding.  ‘Don’t pick the potatoes until the plants have flowered’, my son told me.

So I’ve learnt something new and reinforcing – plant the seed, nurture lovingly through ‘drought and storm’, be patient, understanding and steadfast and eventually – with some luck and a fair wind – the results will be there in front of you.  Whether it’s your son (or daughter) or a simple potato plant – take care of it and you’ll reap the rewards.


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