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Home break-in ‘Spanish style’

As thousands of us fly to the Costas this year, adopt simple security measures so your holiday isn’t spoiled.

If you’re renting a property or staying with friends – don’t let the sun go to your head and forget all the little things about keeping your private property (bags, watches, cameras, money, credit cards, etc) safe (preferably in the safe) but if you don’t need it, leave it at home.

Arriving in Spain this week, several locals were talking about their break-ins – done on apparently the favourite day of the week (Friday). That’s the day when everyone’s been to the bank and got a pocket full of cash ready to spend at the weekend.  So while you’re out having a lovely time opportunistic perpetrators of crime are doing the rounds.  They seem to know where the safes have been installed in houses and flats, up go the electric shutters (which don’t give 100% protection), smash go the lovely floor-to-window doors, they sprint over to the alarm system which is then smashed off the wall.  Then they rip the safe from its attachment to floor/walls, smash it open, and hey presto! away go the thieves with your passports, money, jewellry and any other goodies left in safe-keeping. Hasta la vista bella!

Fortunately it’s quite a simple matter to report the crime – in Marbella you’re given a number of the police 902-102-112 and you can make your statement over the phone in English. Within 24 hours you go to the police station to collect your report, which can then be submitted to your insurance company. How quickly will your claim be settled? Now that’s another story all together.


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One thought on “Home break-in ‘Spanish style’

  1. Good Advice – essential reading for all.

    Posted by Julie Healy | August 17, 2011, 11:56 am

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