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Land and the case of miSTAKEn identity

As Land Agents, we deal with all kinds of planning, environmental, ecological and stakeholder issues.  Occasionally situations arise which raise a smile – so I thought I’d share the following one with you.

Q)  When is a stake not a stake? A)  When it’s a bird-table …

Our Land Manager, Barrie Solomons, had been negotiating a site in Dorset and contracts were due to exchange.  The Vendor’s eagle-eyed Solicitor spotted a mistake in the boundary plan; the developer’s Surveyors had marked out the plan but mistakenly used a bird-table in a garden as a marker instead of the allotted stake in the ground.

The owner lives in Spain, and the whole plan had to be re-plotted, verified and sent to him for approval. Surely a case of miSTAKEn identity!

We’re constantly looking for land for sale in East or West Sussex, and Kent.  For further details contact
Barrie on 01903-692952 or email barrie.solomons@rwhilder.co.uk


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