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Spring Time’s Property Buying Time

Spring is in the air and traditionally, this is the peak season for buying and selling property.  If you want the best price for your home, then de-cluttering, and doing all those little jobs to make your home more attractive to potential purchasers (and get the best price), is ‘de rigueur’.

Here are my Spring Time Top Tips for getting your home ready for selling:

  1. Take a walk around your home and note specifically on a project list, what needs doing in each room.  Mark each room out of 10 (‘1’ means the room needs little work, ’10’ means you have a lot to do).
  2. Prioritise – are you going to start with the ‘quick fixes’ ie the ‘1’s, and hopefully the ones that will cost the least to put right, or begin with the larger tasks – the ’10’s.  Do one room at a time, and you’ll quickly begin to see progress and help keep you in a positive state of mind, because ‘Yes’, it’ll be worth it!
  3. Plan your time wisely – some rooms may take longer than others, so start when you have time, either at a weekend or when you have time off.  Tick off the tasks as you go – again, it’s a measure of success.
  4. Keep or scrap? Make use of charity plastic bags for things you’ll donate to good causes, or black plastic bags for the rubbish bin.  Not worn that dress/pullover/shoes in over a year? You’re probably not likely to wear them again.  Don’t feel guilty – reward yourself for a job well done, and when you’ve finished your decluttering, buy a little something new.
  5. Do you have paperwork, bills etc all over the place? Invest in some good storage and file away neatly or shred and consign to the rubbish.  Cover your furniture with dust sheets and move all other moveable objects to a different room whilst cleaning is underway.
  6. Start by washing the curtains (at home or professionally), then dust all areas; move large pieces of furniture and have a good hoover in these areas, followed by a general hoovering.  You may instead decide to clean your carpets, by hiring a carpet steam cleaner or bringing in a professional team. Is your upholstery clean?  It may need a spring clean too if it hasn’t been done in over a year.

Callaways Estate Agents can advise on some simple ways of improving the value of your home.  Look at your home with a new pair of eyes, and try and imagine what a potential purchaser will ‘see’ when they come to view.  Callaways are available for valuations on 01273-735237 or 01903-831338.


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