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SME Leaders – Medal Winners

The 2016 Olympics in Rio are drawing to a close, and have presented us with a fine spectacle of achievements and Personal Bests. I have marvelled at the exploits of our athletes and sportsmen (specifically in awe of Justin Rose, Andy Murray, Laura Trott and Nick Skelton).

But inspiration has also come from many of the athletes who prepared themselves over 4 years for a journey which could lead them to a Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal, or – coming up short and – failure.

As a small business owner, I have spent many years honing my skills, learning from others, drawing on my experiences working for small businesses, and multi-national companies – trying to find out where my strengths and weaknesses lie, what areas of business I love the best, and wishing to inspire and motivate others to join me.

Challenges along the way included night-time studying for a degree whilst looking after a young family, and at the same time working part-time, recessions (two), cash-flow, staffing, Employment Tribunal and a whole host of issues which would floor those who do not possess resilience and determination.

Many small business leaders, whether ‘winning’ gold, silver, or failing to cross the finishing line, strive to do their best, and deserve understanding and support for funding, coaching and training.

How prepared are you to push yourself to be the best? As mere mortals, we all have limitations, but the Olympians show there is as much courage in success as failure. I salute them all, and look forward to Tokyo 2020.


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