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Teamwork wins

16.08.24 SCLGA Div1 Final - Winners

Worthing Golf Club Ladies Division 1 Team at Nevill GC, Tunbridge Wells  (courtesy of SCLGA)


I had the greatest team experience last Wednesday. I played in Worthing GC Ladies’ team and we won Sussex County Ladies Golf Association Inter-Club Divisional Championship Finals (Division 1) at the Nevill GC, Tunbridge Wells.  You may recall the south had 90+ Deg heat.

Shared expectations, everyone putting in 100% for the good of the team, produced a return on teamwork of joy and pride in lifting the trophy.  The journey to produce a truly high-performing team, began three years ago, when we were Runners-up in 2014, and winners in 2015 & 2016.

Our Team Captain set her sights on a goal which none of us could’ve imagined three years ago; she has drawn on team members of mixed ages, a combination of skills, experiences (years longer than our younger team members!)  and judgements.  Plus, with golf, a bit of luck thrown in!

I have the fortune to work with highly skilled individuals in my business Callaways Estate & Letting Agents; Accounts, Sales, Lettings, Marketing, we have a range of qualified professionals who co-operate to achieve more than the sum total of each individual’s skills.  My colleagues and co-workers are united by a common purpose, and committed to achieving common objectives.  We work well together, and enjoy moments of intense ‘buzz’ and ‘activity’; equally we commiserate in times of disappointment and frustration.

Now, more than ever, and drawing on over 40 years of work and employment, I recognise that motivation and self-motivation are pre-requisites to realise team potential.

Whether on the golf course or in business, capturing the imagination and energy of everyone involved, and helping to achieve the vision – is the greatest part a leader can play!  Well done, Ladies of Worthing Golf Club, and Callaways Estate & Letting Agents!




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