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Bungalows – living on the level

Worthing has its fair share of bungalows – and they prove very popular with residents – families, professionals and retirees alike.  The land in Worthing is relatively flat, and there are bungalows in plentiful supply along the coast for permanent enjoyment.

Room with a view

New room with a garden view

I’ve lived in a chalet bungalow for the last 19 years, one which we extensively refurbished upon moving in.  It had a caution on the Title, and had been uninhabited for 3 years, took three months to renovate, yet it has turned out to be a wise investment.

As a child I lived in a two-bed bungalow in Royton, Lancs, then moved with my parents to a brand new bungalow on a new housing estate in Kilmarnock – yes, I remember 16 Laurel Place very fondly – we had a train line at the bottom of the garden which developed my love of waving (reminiscent of The Railway Children), and a ‘green’ at the front of the property which lay in a cul-de-sac – where the children would play during long summer holidays.  The estate lay several miles from the town, and we used to hear the butcher’s and baker’s van play their tunes to entice housewives (we’re talking the 1960s) to come out of their homes and buy tasty meat, breads and cakes.  In the summer the ice-cream vans played a merry tune to tempt us to buy our favourite 99s.

Skip two moves, and our next property was a bungalow in Woodingdean East Sussex, from where we enjoyed superb views over the countryside.  Another chalet bungalow followed in Worthing, which Mum & Dad extensively refurbished.  The gardens were magnificent and I am assured by the present owner that all the shrubs are doing remarkably well, although they have altered the interior taking out the hatch between the kitchen and dining room.

Bungalows come in all shapes and sizes, rectangular, L-shaped, semi-detached, detached, and are ideal for living on the level – no stairs for young children to tumble down, nor for dodgy knees to navigate.  Vacuuming stairs can be a wearisome household chore, with dirty hand-prints down the walls or handrails – no problem in a bungalow.

They offer living ‘on the flat’, rather than ‘in a flat’ – eliminating problems which can be associated with residents living above in converted properties, or having to share a communal hallway, where bikes and prams may be un-neighbourly stored.

Have you extended the bungalow you currently live in? Share your photos and tell me its best features.


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