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Extending – not moving

bricks-and-mortarIf you’ve been following me, you’ll know we extended our home in 2011 to make use of the loft space in our 1955 built chalet bungalow.

I watched intently as the work progressed, and shared various photos with my readers.

To be honest, I love where we live – in walking distance of the seafront, near local shops, pubs, library, bus stops, railway station (I’m sounding like an Estate Agent here); but the fact is the house seems to fit my skin.  I have many happy memories of our children growing up, dogs playing in the garden, having parties and barbecues with friends and family and I can see myself living here for ever.  So I do not want to move.

BUT I need another ‘home’ project.  Admittedly, the garden could do with some TLC, and the interior is beginning to look a little tired, the kitchen was 25 years old when we moved in, in 1997, and could do with replacing, but there are a few little adjustments I’d like to make BEFORE tackling these jobs.

Buoyed by programmes such as George Clarke’s The Restoration Man, and Great Interior Design Challenge, I’ve decided to extend: my plan includes a new ground floor layout, addition of a utility room, study, and a new master bedroom plus en-suite after demolishing and rebuilding the single garage on the east side of our property; moving the staircase, and bringing more light into the property.

Now, after a slow start due to various professional and personal interruptions (I started talking to my Architect in 2013), and after several changes to the plans, my application has been registered with our Borough  Council, and I’m very excited.

Earlier this week, the orange Application Notice went up on the lamp-post outside our house, so undoubtedly our neighbours, the paper-boy, the  postman and passers-by know there will be some development in the months to come.

Already, I have received a canvassing letter from a local builder (that’s eager) who wants to price up the building works.  I really should find out when my Application will be heard …

I’ve signed up on our Council’s website to track my Application and I eagerly await an update!


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