Callaweighs – a hefty goal for RNLI

Today, 1 September is the day I start losing pounds for £££s.  Callaways Estate & Lettings Agents are running their ‘Callaweighs’ weight loss event in support of RNLI – one of our favourite charities, as we have sailors, wind- and kite-surfers in our midst, who rely heavily on the services of the RNLI.  Our Hove and Worthing voluntary ‘crews’ have pledged to lose the pounds before Christmas, with support from R W Hilder & Co Limited, and pledges from friends and family.

I have to tell our organising committee how much I want to lose by Christmas and every week we’ll have a weigh-in. Standing on the scales this morning, I drew in a deep breath and realised that my target weight loss of 8lbs doesn’t seem too bad considering there are over 8 weeks to go (= a lb a week!).  I’m sure if I start cutting out the Eccles cakes (I have a real soft spot for Eccles cakes), and eating sensibly, I should reach my goal with no trouble.



2 thoughts on “Callaweighs – a hefty goal for RNLI

  1. Lunching with a colleague today but DEFINITELY salad/veg & chicken/fish, NO dessert, and plenty of water …

    Posted by realestatehet | September 1, 2011, 7:43 am


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