Top Tips for Non-Gardeners

Please let me know if you have any top-tips of your own!

  • Growing from seed? Follow the instructions and don’t be impatient! I gave my friend a sunflower pot and the plant’s grown to over 6′ high! On the rare occasions when seeds do not germinate you will hope that your money will be readily refunded from the suppliers.
  • When choosing plants, always select according to where you wish to plant them eg in your garden, on a window-sill, inside your home. Some plants like part shade, some full sun, or specific soil types.  Some are quite happy sitting in a cool, dark corner, but choose wisely to get the best from your plants.
  • Make sure you water the plants regularly, if required.  I place dishes under my potted plants as they dry out a lot faster than if they were in the ground, where the roots go a lot deeper.
  • Planting outside? Avoid leaving dead leaves on the ground as they tend to attract woodlice and slugs.
  • Dead head regularly to encourage growth and ensure a good show
  • Call in a good gardener/landscaper once in a while to do the jobs you can’t!
  • Read gardening articles in magazines – they often tell you what to do at certain times of the year
  • Now – go forth and blossom!



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